Trees From Above

Impactful helps businesses, investors, and governments capture opportunities,
transform operations, manage risk, and drive growth in an orderly transition to a sustainable economy.

          Impactful provides management consulting services, covering sustainability strategy, implementation, and stakeholder engagement. We help organizations fully embed the Social Development Goals (SDGs) within their strategies, operations, supply chains, and communications. 

What makes Impactful different? 

We guide the organization through the full sustainability cycle, starting with assessment and finishing with strategic communication and stakeholder engagement.

IMPACTFUL helps you to become significant

What Do We Do?






Measurement and Reporting



Impactful works on advising corporate boards, CEOs, and other senior executives on how to incorporate sustainability into strategy, ignite sustainable purpose.

We believe that the most critical thing you can do before you spend significant time and investments on specifics is to understand how sustainability impacts your business model, value chain, and products and services. ​

We guide organizations to identify existing sustainability initiatives and help them to find the best sustainable solutions for the expansion. We incorporate sustainability strategy within the existing identity and positioning of the business. ​

Impactful helps businesses to implement Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into the core of the organization.

We help implement sustainability into the core levels of an organization and ensure engagement within internal and external stakeholders. Guide through the outreach, communication process, and measurement.